Customized Therapeutic Massage
Massage has been shown to be an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. 
More than this, it can assist in lowering blood pressure, improving circulation and skin tone, and enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients the tissues of the body, boosting the immune system.  
Before your treatment, Elizabeth will discuss with you any particular concerns or issues you  may have, and what your goal for the session is.

30 min                  £30
A quick stress buster, focusing on the back, neck and shoulders. 

60 min                  £35

A full body massage, covering the back, back of legs, front of legs, arms,
shoulders and neck. This also improves general circulation, and lymphatic
circulation, boosting immunity, and elimination of toxins.

90 min                  £50

A full body massage with extra time allowing for more focused work on any problem

areas, and a scalp massage.

2 hours                £75
The ultimate experience. This full body massage will include focused work on any problem

areas, a foot massage, a scalp massage, and a rejuvenating facial massage.

Body Balancing Treatment
During this treatment, a series of essential oils are applied along energy meridians on the back and feet.

The combinations of oils works together to create balance within the body, by calming stress, boosting immunity, reducing inflammation, and restoring homeostasis.

The treatment takes around 40 minutes, and can be experienced alone,

or combined with massage.

Body Balancing alone      £35
      + 45 min massage     £55
      + 60 min massage     £65

The above treatments can be booked at Elizabeth's treatment centre in Wetherby or on a mobile basis.

Mobile services
For those who are unable to travel, or simply prefer not to travel, Elizabeth can bring the spa to you. With a heated massage table, soothing music, and relaxing essential oil mist, your home can be transformed into a calming haven.

Discounts offered for groups of 3 or more.
All you need to provide is a clear space large enough to accommodate the massage table.
All mobile treatments do need to be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

Local areas covered: Wetherby, Knaresborough, Harrogate, York and Leeds, and surrounding villages.


31 Nidd Approach, Wetherby, LS22 7UJ